We belong to the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference, as a church in Region 2: Central Manitoba.   


About the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference (EMMC):

Who we are:
We are a family of 32 churches across the Americas with common roots in the Anabaptist and Evangelical traditions.  This allows us to have a strong emphasis on discipleship and missions.

What we do:
We form a network of churches and individuals who share ideas, passion and resources and encourage each other towards discipleship and establishing Christ-centered, missional-focused communities in the most needy places.  The EMMC office is the hub that works to strengthen the connections between these churches and individuals in order to fulfill our common mandate.

Why this matters:
We understand that we need to be part of a larger network that helps us stay centered in Christ and focused on our mission.

*** taken from our Conference website