Baptism Sunday

Sunday, June 15th was a very special day for the Austin Evangelical Fellowship. Two sisters, Danae and Natalie Driedger, stood in front of the congregation and publicly declared their desire to dedicate their lives to the Lord and therefore entered the waters of baptism. Everyone listened as the two shared their testimonies and each expanded on how they had been feeling the calling to be baptized at this time in their lives. It was evident, just by the joy on their faces, that this day was very exciting but also very meaningful to both of these young ladies.

Two of their aunts were asked to share a few words of encouragement, one for Natalie and one for Danae. There seemed to be a theme throughout this morning as two separate Bible passages were brought up a number of times throughout the service. The first passage was found in Philippians and the second in Romans. Philippians 1:6, 9-11 is speaking about preparing ourselves for the day of Christ, and Romans 6:3 is talking about the importance of baptism and how Christ calls us to be baptized.

It was neat to see the Danae and Natalie's father, Brad,  help with the actual baptism as both were immersed in water. There were many family members and friends that attended the service to show their support. It was a huge blessing as a church to see two young ladies who have grown up in this church come to this point in their lives where they are passionate about letting God use them and are willing to give Him all they have and all they are!