Serving Breakfast to the Community

Saturday, June 7 was a beautiful morning for our youth and youth leaders to get up bright and early and serve the community of Austin an amazing pancake breakfast.    The youth group has been doing the pancake breakfast as a fundraiser for a number of years now. 

This morning started early, especially seeing that we had a photo scavenger hunt the night before, but at 6:30 a.m. we were off an running moving tables, brewing coffee, deep frying sausages and making pancakes.   Our first customers arrived shortly after 7:30 and many more would follow, including some of our church people.   The youth worked very hard to get the breakfast out and it was enjoyed by all.   

A huge thank you to everyone that came out to eat and support our youth group, and a bigger thank you to youth that were there to serve.   We even had Craig "The Grill Master" Fehr doing his thing and making amazing pancakes.   All in all, over $200 dollars was raised for the youth group.   Thank you to the Community for the opportunity to put this breakfast on and to the Fire Department for letting us use their hall.  

From the pictures you can tell that the youth group got happier as the morning went along.