Twenty-Four Hour Read-a-thon {AEF Youth}

The AEF Youth Group was presented with the idea of reading through the New Testament within twenty-four hours. We decided to use this all-nighter event to raise money for a youth retreat to Treasured Foundation (you can read more about TF 2016 here). Each youth was encouraged to individually raise funds by collecting pledges from their families and community. The combined total of money raised for the read-a-thon was over one thousand dollars!

The read-a-thon kicked off on Friday, June 24th with youth leader, Jeff Rempel, and Matthew Giesbrecht taking the first half-hour shift at 6 pm starting with Matthew 1:1. There was continual reading in groups of three for a half-hour at a time right through until the last shift on Saturday, finishing with Jeff Rempel, myself (Natalie Driedger) and MacKenzie Enns (with Troy Semenyna and Abbey Giesbrecht joining in). At 2:05 pm, we completed our goal of reading through the New Testament in twenty hours and five minutes!    

Activities such as movies and the x-box were regularly used throughout the all-nighter. Games like croquet were played, as well as a nail-painting station (Jeff Rempel got in on the action with Abbey secretly painting one of his fingernails!). It was a stormy evening, and at one point, some of the youth went outside to watch the lightning show. They were just in time too as the BBQ that was used for supper started to blow away! There was ample snack food as each youth brought their favorite snack, and the mystery meal provided by Gary and Patsy Semenyna was delicious. It was an amazing, fun time with our youth that none of us will forget!