Let the Little Children Come to Me {Baby Dedication}

It is with great joy that we lift up these little ones and their parents to God in prayer. Kyle and Melissa Fehr, parents of the busy twins, Ally Rae and Coby, along with Darren and Christine Toews, parents to Harper, and Matt and Shannon Wieler, parents to Kynlee, all desire that someday their little ones would have a saving faith in Jesus, and that they would love God and want to live their lives for Him. On June 12, 2016, they publicly committed themselves to teach, model and pray for their children. It is the most precious gift they will ever give to them, and we join them in their prayers. 

During the morning service, Andrew Dyck led us in congregational singing, Presley Friesen shared with us a special number, and Pastor Colin continued his sermon series on prayer, urging us to pray as kingdom prayers (to hear this message, click here).