Ladies Evening

It is an honor and a privilege to count the women of this church as sisters in Christ. On Thursday, May 18, 2017 almost 40 of us church ladies shared an evening together, sitting around birthday-month themed tables, some young women and others not-as-young, but all of us sisters, even if we were just being introduced for the first time! Titus 2 encourages the older women to teach the younger women - that we would be in fellowship and community together and learn from each other. And we are all both older and younger! Even if we are young, there is still always someone younger than us we can pour into. If we consider ourselves older, there is almost always someone older who can impart wisdom and share life experiences. These relationships matter, especially in a culture that often keeps us separate from each other. It is our desire as a Ladies Ministry that we could provide more opportunities to foster these important relationships.

ladies tea.jpg

The evening started off with Trudy Giesbrecht and Tara Doell leading us in worshiping our God through song. Martha Dyck then shared some thoughts on what God had laid on her heart. As women we need to be seeking hard after Christ. She reminded us that all we do can be ministry. When the apostle Paul was making tents, he was as much in God’s will as when he was preaching and teaching the truths of God’s Word. Martha also shared some various examples of women in the Bible who were models we can look up to.

Lynda Driedger shared her love of tea with us and gave us the opportunity to sip from many different pots! Thanks to those who brought food, baked cupcakes, decorated tables, and Christine Toews for her fabulous job of decorating those cupcakes! It is so beautiful to see how God has gifted us all differently, that when we come together with our unique talents and ministries it really is an amazing testimony and presentation of His unified body for His glory and praise.  

Dawn Bell shared some results from the surveys handed out earlier this year, along with the vision of the women of the Spiritual Advisory Board who are working on structuring the Ladies Ministry. From both the comments on the surveys and in conversation with many of the ladies, there are three main purposes that we heard repeatedly that also echo with the heart of God.

1.       Fellowship – connecting women with each other, developing a sense of belonging

2.      Discipleship – growing in godliness through Bible studies, teaching, mentoring

3.      Service – to others whether in our homes, church, or community, using our gifts for God’s greater glory

The SAB ladies will continue to provide leadership for the interim and will be keeping in contact with Church Council regarding various formal details and to keep us accountable to the larger church. We will also be pulling others alongside in the coming months to help with more planning and the execution of ideas. At present, Dawn Bell is acting as the Team Leader, and also the Discipleship Team Coordinator;  Lynda Driedger, Fellowship Team Coordinator and Secretary; Carol Hiebert, Service Team, and Marianne Peters, Hospitality Team. If you have any thoughts or questions at all, please feel free to contact any of these women. Our hope is to have a couple other women on the Leadership Team and to work on training others to eventually take over some of these roles. At this point we are seeking God in prayer as to who these women should be. We will continue to meet through the summer, planning a kick off for the fall with a tentative schedule of various events and service opportunities for the coming year.

In the meantime, it starts with you and me. Structure and formal events mean nothing if our hearts aren't in it. They are the tools, but the hard work lies with each of us to make use of opportunities to grow in God's Word, serve and connect with each other. We are so grateful for the many of you who have been faithfully plugging away quietly in various areas of the church already. We would continue to encourage you to connect and serve in both formal and informal ways. 

If you missed the evening and wanted to know a little more about what was shared, you can read Dawn's notes here.