Friends of Israel

Mission Conference Sunday School: Richard Toviah

Richard Toviah shares his testimony, including the story of how he ended up back in Manitoba. Richard was from Winnipeg many years ago as a non-believer. His parents came from European/Jewish backgrounds, though Judaism was never a part of his life. His father was involved in the occult, New Age and astrology. As a cab driver, his father would often have people leave books behind. One of these was "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsey. Though he would often read these books that his father then passed onto him, Richard fought against this one and even had thrown it in the garbage at one point! It wasn't until he had moved to Calgary that he one day picked it up and began reading it. He had many questions and bought a used KJV Bible to challenge the author on his claims that Jesus 100% fulfilled all the prophecies spoken of the Messiah. Through His Word alone, God drew Richard to Himself. "I didn't know any Christians; it was just my Bible and me," Richard remarks. From there God pulled him into the narrative of the Jewish people and the Second Coming. He has since had a burden to reach the Jewish people. God has walked him down many different roads since then that has very recently brought him back to Manitoba working with Friends of Israel.