2017 Church Board Members

Church Council

Tim Reimer, Church Council Chairman
Allan Peters, Council Vice-Chairman
Merv Fehr, Congregational Rep
Andrew Dyck, Secretary
Henry Peters, SAB Rep
Brad Driedger, Education Rep
Andrew Doell, Business Rep
Peter Zenz, Missions Rep
Pastor Colin Bell

Spiritual Advisory Board

Henry (Chairman) and Marianne Peters, Elder Couple
Tony and Carol Hiebert, Elder Couple
Merv and Betty Fehr, Elder Couple
Colin and Dawn Bell, Pastor Couple
Jeff and Martha Rempel, Youth Leaders

Board of Education

Brad (Chairman) and Melony Driedger, Sunday School Super.
Chris and Sadie Rempel, Asst. Sunday School Super.
Andrew Dyck, Music Director
Stacey Reimer, Asst. Music Director

Board of Business

Andrew Doell, Chairman
Carl Zacharias
Sarah Fehr, Treasurer
Irene Reimer, Asst. Treasurer
Merv Fehr, Head Usher

Board of Missions

Peter Zenz, Chairman
Bryan Driedger, Member
Abe Reimer, Member