Why do we do Care Groups?

“Our desire is that our Care Group Ministry will be a time of meeting together regularly for a time of discipleship, worship and prayer, accountability and care.”   If you are a regular attender of Austin Evangelical Fellowship, we would strongly encourage you to be part of our Care Groups.

Our Care Groups meet regularly together from October to beginning of December and January through to beginning of April.


1.      Discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20). We believe that at the heart of our Care Group Ministry is the time in the Word and Prayer together. Our longing is to know God and make Him known to each other.

2.      Relationship building and caring: God never intended this life to be done alone, so our desires for our care groups is that they would become places where people can share in confidence, receive support and encouragement, and care during times of need.

Keep Coming back to this page for the release of what we will be study in Care Groups in the next coming weeks.