Mission Conference: Sunday Morning- Carl Teichrib

In “Diplomatic Briefing” Carl Teichrib reminds us that we are ambassadors of God's foreign service and are representatives of the King; right here, right now. As His ambassadors, we are the official and legal representatives of our government - the King - to a foreign land. We need to be aware of our King's power and position, and we represent His interests; not our own. We also need to understand the customs and cultures of the foreign land; we are set apart from it but cannot be uninformed as to its character and composition.

Carl uses both scriptural references to missions, such as Paul at Mars Hill, alongside some of his own experiences, like that of befriending Mormons in Indiana and inviting them to a Passion play. Using Isaiah 40:12-18 and Col 1:15-20,  he reminds us of the utterly incomparable God that we serve. As he emphasized the night before, Christian missions is truth-telling, and the Truth is Jesus Himself.  Print/view detailed sermon notes here.

Read more from Carl on his blog, including recent excerpts from an upcoming book.

Carl's "conservative Christian critique" at the 2013 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association (referenced in his message).